"How do you crystallize the movement of a dancer?
With the OKUS LUMINIS formula.
Simply by photographing the movement of the lights with a long exposure and being able to visualize the trace of the movements and the signature of the dancer.
A poetic decomposition of the body and the movement.
OKUS LUMINIS is also a research project around light, the decomposition of movement in its space and the compression of time.


” … This interdisciplinary project tends to place movement at the center of the different parts of the process: the photographic subject, the camera, the focal length itself and finally the organization of the resulting shots into a new composition. In this, the movement is first decomposed, transmitted to the different elements, to be recomposed in the final work. Artifacts, optical accidents, direct or indirect light painting by reflecting surfaces which are themselves imperfect, everything is done to mislead the spectator as well as the creators and thus to arouse in them a new questioning on the status of the objects, of the photographic process, of the dance, of the painting or of the more general movement. The images produced also take up, in their own way, the question of photography as the capture of reality. The movement, the energy contained in the photograph and its process, would influence the temporal dimension and thus the very status of these images. A logic undoubtedly inherited from the scientific training of these artists.

Can we still speak of photography after such manipulations? Photography has always been reworked and recomposed using different techniques. It has wondered about movement and how to capture and decompose it, as Marey did in his time, notably with his kinematic analyses of walking. To this reflection of photographer is mixed that of the dancer, on the trace which carries out its body, made apparent this time, but also on the occupation of space during its movements.



You want to acquire a photographic work from the formula “OKUS LUMINIS”?

For all information and orders, send an email below with the name of the artwork.
Printing : All the photographic works are available in unique edition.

FineArt print (according to the Digigraphie label) + 3mm Dibond laminate + Matte protection laminate + US25.5 or 25.10 black wood frame + 25mm depth of the frame + Hanging lath

Digital Unique File :

The unique file in .TIF format (uncompressed) of the photographic works is available.

The price is higher than the photographic printing because the use of this file is not subject to any restrictions (Merchandising, reproduction, large-scale sale, modification, … )

For all information and orders, send an email below with the name of the artwork.

Here is a MAGIC FORMULA to ILLUMINATE, SUBLIMATE and DANCE a space, an architecture, an object, a model, etc …

It is an adaptive and symbiotic creation process. It is based on the custom use of elements such as: photography, dance and movement according to the place and the subject.

Come and apply the “OKUS LUMINIS” formula yourself

During introductory courses in “light painting”, a teacher pointed out to me that this “magic formula” was an effective and surprising way to get his students moving. Placing participants in the dark, with the constraint of having to create a fresco in a few seconds in the dark, plunged them into a second state. The result was that they began to move with more ease and therefore less inhibition.

So in the end “OKUS LUMINIS” is also an extension of the “OKUS FOKUS” formula.

The “light-paiting” workshops are interdisciplinary workshops between choreography, photography, light creation and architecture.


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